New Year, oops

It does occur that a lot of other bloggers have done a tidy-up of last year, and setting out the shop for next year.

Well I have been busy making a dinosaur egg-shell for the mother of my godson, a cat duvet (for Willow), and planning the horticultural new year with my erstwhile untrainer, and best friend.

So I am behind! and catching up at the wrong moment.. so er.. new year thingies..
-I will try and keep my wine/beer consumption within a multiple of something that would be agreed as healthy
– I will remember that doing stuff with people is more important and better than doing stuff alone, this is a biggie.
-I will make yet another attempt to stick to a training plan (running)
-I will grow some carnivorous plants from seed
-I will do at least as many cycling events/races as I did last year
– I will sort out the wheezle; or make friends with it, sew it a fluffy pocket and carry it with me everywhere.
– I will thrash my fat arse to get back to ultra distance (26.2 miles+ running) at some point in 2013

But I think it will be a busy year.
With moorhens, buzzards, and kites.
And maybe
a (THE) cat.

Happy New Year, and I hope you get what you wish for.xx


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  1. Kate Geisen says:

    I love your goals! The wine/beer one I'm ok on unless I'm with my team, and then all bets are off…but we don't get to hang out that often, so when you average the drinks over the year I think it's a pretty reasonable amount. I'm pretty sure that counts, right?Doing stuff with people has totally spoiled me for running/biking alone. This is a blessing and a curse. And a training plan…yes! We must do this. How fun would it be to find out what I'm capable of accomplishing instead of always learning how little I can squeak by on?Happy New Year, Mercy! I hope 2013 brings you much happiness!

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