Cross-training/diesel-saving day. So cycled into work from the far end of Cranleigh (9.8 miles in 54 odd minutes); tried a slightly different route that includes a hill that I don’t particularly like as the road is quite narrow and there are a fair few buses using that road. It was fine as there are so few things on the road this week.
Did suddenly completely run out of energy part way up the hill, and I think it may have been due to the large amount of ‘essentials’ I carry in my bag: wet wipes, spare rear light, cool tool, tyre levers, pump, spare inner, lip salve, puncture repair kit, allen/hex key set, reflective snappie thing, spare rear light, jumper, lunch, laptop, mains lead for laptop, wallet, coin purse, charger for front light, notebook, make up bag*, spare front and rear  lights, phone, keys. And I did leave a few things behind, because I thought I was overdoing it…

* in case you think I am being very vain, it has my inhaler, deodorant, lucky rock, new lucky rock, mirror, mascara, eyeliner, vaseline, nail clippers, concealer and painkillers in


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