Tadworth 10

Just for once it wasn’t many degrees sub-zero, a first for this one I think? Last one. Year before that I think I bottled out due to it being the day after Box Hill, if I remember I entered and then stayed in bed. But I have done it a couple of times before then, and it is always fine but rather nippy.

This year it was foggy, so for photos, see last year. It was also awesomely slow, but not painful or wheezely. So a win overall. And we passed the grunter before mile 3, which was a relief, I know it is unkind but I have this faint worry that they are just going to keel over in front of me. One marshall was just a smidge too helpful encouraging on to keep going, when what I was actually doing was just waiting for K. I like to canter headlong downhill (with the occasional windmilling arms) especially on tarmac with no surprise bunny holes, and he doesn’t so I waited. Someone has to be prepared to drag me out of the mud (road shoes poss not the best decision).

Slightly tempted by Frimley (another regular) next week, but will look at bank account, as is a bit of a drive.


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