And day 2

Persuaded Claud to carry my fat arse to work and back. And I have to say, that it is getting lighter (the day, not my arse, sadly). The normal earliest date for noticing this is my (very late) mother’s birthday of the 15th Jan, but as the weather has cleared a bit here it does seem to be lighter.

Went in the new road route, trying it out during term time and it was fine (starting from Cranleigh at 7am to arrive at work at 8); I was worried there would be a lot of buses but there weren’t. Nearly totalled a snoozy rabbit on the way in. Suggestion is that I bring a thermos for small tired mammals in future.

On the way back (left at 4pm) it was so light I decided to risk doing the whole way back (well 90%) off road on the Downslink. It was fine up until Run Common (where I could have taken the road) after that it was HUUUge puddles in the semi-dark. But it was interesting, and I enjoyed it. I won’t do it again till it is a bit drier (I have never seen the countryside here so absolutely sodden) but it was good to try.


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