Morning 9.4 miles, 54 minutes, afternoon 9.27 miles 56 minutes.

This morning was a real ‘shall-I-shan’t-I’ dilemma. I had decided to cycle, got my stuff out, packed my bag, Claud was in the car, light was charged etc etc. But the forecast was vile, somewhere between 2-4c and rain. Looking outside there was actually a sprinkling of snow first thing, which was slightly more attractive.

The journey in (see pic below) was fine if a bit chilly. My hands froze off and on, but once you realise that they get better after they get worse it is ok. My hybrid tyres seem to be really quite good on mud and puddles, which was lucky. The route I am taking it to work at the moment can be all road (except for 2 miles which is good all-weather cycle path) or part off-road on the Downslink, some of which is tarmac/hard surface, some of which isn’t. Last week I did the bit that definitely isn’t so I will avoid that for a while.
2013-01-14 08.01.06

Once it was time for the journey home the weather had changed multiple times, including heavy snow and heavy rain. I was lucky that it stopped actually precipitating while I was out, but it was sooooooo wet. I wore my waterproof overtrousers for the first time cycling, decided they were a bit too flappy in the ankle and tucked them into my socks. A. not pretty, B. not clever, my socks are waterproof and reliably so, but not with a whole leg worth of water being channelled directly into them. I slipped over on the path from the Downslink to the road (it was impossible to stand up, had I not been wheeling the bike I would have fallen over at least a couple more times)

By the time I got to the car, it looked like I had been rolled in mud, and then neatly dusted with mud sprinkles. I brushed Claud off, and my outer gear, and left them in the car. I will do the washing tomorrow…


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