Surprise blizzard

5 miles, 54 minutes

The snow that was on the ground had spent much of the day shrinking, so I was hoping that I would be able to go out and do a normal-ish run on the actual surface of the pavements, rather than on a mixture of snow, slush and ice.

At 4.30 it was looking good. At 5.20 there was a blizzard. Where was that on the forecast?? But anyway, I doubled my layers, swapped my shoes (while my new Inov8 road shoes are lovely they are smooth as a baby’s bottom on the sole, and therefore not good for snow) and pottered off. As per last time, opted to do just distance instead of intervals, due to snow (I will need to do more inventive excuses when the weather picks up)

It was actually quite nice, the slightly higher temperature, combined with the new snow made a much better surface, and I actually remembered a baseball cap, so didn’t have the eyelash problem this time.

I am almost getting back to the point where I am enjoying running. I think the combined effects of the wheezle, the various twinges and other bits and pieces over the last year turned it into a stressful activity. Most of these have now been sorted and I can feel that I might just start enjoying it, rather than enduring it soon. Which is good, as that is, in theory why I do it!


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