9.84 miles/56 mins going and 9.78 miles /55 mins coming back.

Didn’t skive today, the temperatures were a good 10c warmer and it was wet and windy. Got absolutely filthy though, most of my route is on the road, but about 3 miles is on hard track, which is covered in mud, puddles, mashed leaves and gritty stuff. I did wear full water/shower proofs, waterproof socks and gloves, and my best stiff upper lip.

Lip did not need to quiver at any point, it was actually enjoyable, mainly because the rain was warm, though Claud and I were being knocked by the wind a bit on the way back. I was covered in crap from head to toe when I got to work, the challenge was how to divest myself of the outer crappiest layer, so I could change the slighty crappy under-layer, without turning the office carpet into something you could stick your seed potatoes in. It involved much hopping on one leg on the doormat, and then some covert clothes drying with a hot water bottle.

Was rewarded for my fortitude by two sightings of Biggles, the Loseley buzzard; and also the last snowman in Surrey, clearly the rearguard of the Environment Agency snowman theory. I would have taken a photo, but it was too small, grey and far away to be visible…


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