A triumph of caffeine over meteorology

18 miles, 3hours 13

Forecast was not attractive, and I had to finish my long run before 12 so that I could go to a work meeting in Kent in the afternoon. While I don’t really mind running in the rain if I have a baseball cap, I am not a fan of leaving the flat in the rain, especially not at 3c.

But I had a jug full of coffee, and went. I promised myself I could do jus 10 (of 18) if it was really horrible, and before I even got to the turn-round point for the 10 had opted to turn onto the 18 route. Out of character eh? I know, it was the caffeine, there is lot in a jug (4 mug fulls of filter coffee).

Too wet to take photos really, rained persistently all the way round, getting heavy towards the end. Not so much slow as very uneven speed, didn’t feel like it, but it is quite a hilly route. Can’t show you as the share feature is still off on Garmin Connect, bound to be a Chrome thing, a Mac thing or a (gasp, the ultimate enemy) Flash thing.

2013-02-10 10.14.43

These two houses are neighbours.

2013-02-10 10.15.33

Going to Kent this afternoon reminded me of last year, which is really when the wheezle began to rear its ugly head. Exact same blizzards, faulty nutrition and cold village hall, though better prepared, more sensible and well wrapped up moorhen.


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  1. Kate says:

    Great job on your long run!! I’m forever bargaining with myself and then not living up to my promises… “You can walk after this mile…keep going, you can walk after this next mile…”

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