A bit of both

5 miles run yesterday in 53 minutes, very pleasant it was too, though hardly speedy. It was snowing last night and quite chilly, but overnight a front must have passed over and it was mild and pouring with rain first thing.

Cycled in the ten-ish miles and it was ok considering the weather was vile. Not overly full of energy though. Buzzard, green woodpecker, labrador. Had to wash down the bike again when I got to work as it was filthy. Found some GT85 in the office (belongs to the shredder I think), so gave him a squirt (shhh).

Weather looks good for the trip home, but there are a few short sharp showers around, so may be lucky or may not be.

New waterproof trousers are good, they have zips at the bottom for big feet and boots, with two velcro tabs so that you can pull the ankles and calves in tight. They also have a velcro waist tab and fly which makes them a lot more comfy than just elasticated waist. They are very, very lightweight, and fit into a little stuff bag about the size of coke can. Not sure what they would be like in the summer, possibly like wearing a bin liner, but at the moment they are not too sweaty at all.

Pouring now, will sit and watch this and go when the coast is clear….

Poured on way home, however new trousers are waterproof. As, interestingly, is my cheapo Halfords jacket
Photo from five mins before torrent. Near the Godalming bit of the Wey.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Those are nice-looking pants!

    I’m such a wimp about riding in the rain.

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