A ball of wool

Went to the physio!

Dodgy leg is a combination of tight upper hamstring (hence pain in the bum) and sore hip flexor. Suspect the hamstring caused the hip flexor. So I have had multiple prods and massagey bits, and some ultrasound.

(If you scroll down to see a bum without skin on this page I think it is the semimembranosus)

Most of the time spent was trying to find a stretch that would work, I am apparently almost* hyper-mobile so normal stretches just don’t do anything for me. The tennis ball is a good thing, but I still don’t have one and am using a ball of wool today.

Having looked up hyper-mobile, I am indeed ‘almost’; I am flexible to the point of having difficulty stretching; but I don’t suffer from dislocations or any of the other nasty things. I am just relatively good at yoga without practice, and can annoyingly get my hands flat on the floor when trying to touch my toes (unless I have been on a long run…:) )

Really interesting looking site I found while poking around for hamstring stretches, but it seems the sun salutations, if done slowly, will be fine for the hip flexors.

Shall I buy a tennis ball? Decisions, decisions.



One Comment Add yours

  1. ereece63 says:

    There is a tennis ball in my garden left there by Derry-would that interest you? Only slightly chewed-would give Posh some interesting smells to analyse…

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