Not freezing but really COLD

I didn’t actually dress for mega-chill this morning, it was forecast to be dull and 1-2c, and I thought (stupidly) been there, done that, I can leave my merino long johns in the drawer.

Was a woman ever so foolish as to spurn her merino long johns? Will she do it again. No she will embrace them with the fervour of a new love/chocolate truffle/long G&T on a hot day. (And in the interests of keeping a record, the wheezle was a bugger today – tree pollen, cold, pissed off? who knows)

Anyway, when it came to it my very very cheap Karrimor cycling tights (were about £10 from Field & Trek, but they seem to have disappeared now) are just snuggly. So snuggly that much to my colleagues (politely concealed) disgust I failed to remove them during the day (it is soooo cold in our office, I had 6 hot water bottle refills today). My adorable merino hoodie is a Sugoi which was inexplicably reduced to about £20 when I found it.

So enough of the outfit, were there happenings? Some fieldfares about a mile from work, erm… to be honest there may have been dodos and I wouldn’t have noticed. I was to busy enumerating my extremities and checking they were attached. And for Kate who lives in a much much colder place in the winter, I know I am a wimp!

2013-02-21 17.35.18

A domestic picture. This is Claud who is my workhorse (does MBing, commuting and cost a bottle of whisky) tucked up in his bedroom (the car) for the night. You can see he has the finest carpet underlay to cushion his elderly joints; and the company of my shopping bags. He is lovely, but needs a bit of brake sorting at the moment.



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  1. Kate says:

    I’d love to tell you you’re not a wimp, but I’m too lazy to do the temperature conversion to farenheit. I’m a huge weather wimp if it’s anything on the road. I can stick out teens and low 20’s (F) on trails, but you won’t catch me on a road until the temps hit at least the 40’s. (OK, I broke down, google says that’s 4C…pretty sure you aren’t any wimpier than me, anyway).

  2. Kate says:

    And I spelled Fahrenheit wrong. Damn.

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