Decided to extend my commuting route today, as it is getting a lot lighter. Possibly picked the wrong day to do it, but there we go.

Whereas I have been parking at the eastern end of Cranleigh, I have now moved to the western end of Ellen’s Green. Depending on how much of this I choose to do on the road it is somewhere between 11.5 and 12.5 miles, with two extra hills (joy). The previous distance was about 9.8miles.

It was (unsurprisingly) cold this morning, and very very slowly snowing. There would be one flake, pedal for a mile, then another flake. By the time I left to go home at lunchtime (long story) it was flaking quite earnestly.

So of course I had a puncture. My fault, I thought I would try the Downslink instead of the road between Bramley and Cranleigh; and while most of it is ok there is still a portion which is completely underwater, and I suspect this is where whatever sharp thing it was got my tyre.


Clicking on the map section should take you to the West Sussex site where you can look at the full thing.

It was very cold changing my inner, though I was ‘helped’ by many dogs who were very interested in what I was doing, and were there any snacks in my bag?

Legs tired now, headache and shivers; it always seems to be harder in the cold!


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  1. Kate says:

    We’ve had some major dog encounters lately riding on the country roads around where my teammates live. I don’t know about where you are, but our rural dogs are NOT friendly. Luckily the charming boys I ride with are always putting themselves between me and the canine jaws, and thankfully none of them have been bitten (yet) in my stead.

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