New Forest possibly..


Well, Gertie is there by the back door, in her new tyres. We may venture out. The forecast is really bollocks, April showers, with a capital S by the looks of it. (Oh bum, there go the negative thoughts….) The forecast looks as if it will make the ride more of a bonding experience with the other cyclists, and (with luck) not with the road.

I am actually too porky to fit into 90% of my kit (positive: I am very curvaceous so will get more help with punctures/bounce really nicely if I fall off/have several months of spare energy), so I am quite limited as to what I get to wear, which to be honest is a good thing. I am the queen of gear indecision, so anything that helps that is a bonus.2013-04-12 18.53.56

Did I mention she has a new light? One of those rubbery ones. All my lights seem to be Australian for some reason, I suppose they have so much light they can export it to us.

I am hoping to coincide with the ladies at the start. If it all goes tits-up (technical fitness term) I will stay home under the duvet and despise myself. However, if I get there, it is thanks to Elise and the others.


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  1. Kate says:

    Gear indecision is my nemesis, too. And thank goodness for friends to give us a reason to get our butts out of the house!

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