I finally did it!

I think it is a good two and a half months ago that I vowed to go to our local Parkrun, and I have actually now done it. It was great, a really nice route round a park that is about 6-7 miles from home. I drove today, so I could suss out bike-leaving places, but I will try and cycle next time.

I was (as usual) doubtful about doing 5k. It is about 3 weeks since I have run, due to the cold that induced cats in the chest. I finally stopped hacking and spluttering yesterday, so I went out in the watery sunshine this morning, complete with inhaler, and conviction that I needed a PW to base my future training on.

And I actually got round in about 31 minutes according to my Garmin, which isn’t fast, but is not too shabby considering the carnage that has been wreaked on my training this year.

2013-05-11 08.50.07 2013-05-11 08.56.40

Parkruns are generally brilliant if you are a beginner, or feeling rubbish. There are dog-runners, people with push-chairs, walkers, the whole gamut of the running/jogging/moving forward world. You will never feel that you are doing anything less than the right thing, and there is normally a sweep-person, so you can’t be last.

So I need to think about what next I suppose. (I missed blogging a long walk of about 9 1/2 miles, yoga and some strength training during the week, I will try and do it if I remember.) Perhaps look at a local race somewhere…..


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  1. Emma says:

    Hooray! Hope you feel suitably glowing. The new Moorhen pic isn’t from the Bog garden by any chance? xxx

    1. mercyjm says:

      No, specially commissioned from the Moorhen-photographer-in-chief.xx

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