Recovery methods

How do you try and recover from depression?

Well, I am on new drugs (Venlafaxine) instead of the high dose of Fluoxetine (over-share? me? never).

I am meditating (see notes) once or twice a day according to the schedule here ( I have the book, and am trying the eight week plan).

I am trying to eat sensibly – cue hysterical laughter from anyone who has every spent more than a day with me. I did live mostly on salted peanuts, coffee and wine. Pretty much anything counts as sensible eating after that. I am hanging around with fruit and veg and occasionally placing them in my tummy.

Stopped drinking alcohol regularly, I am trying to stick to only drinking outside the home with other people, which would mean infrequently.

Stopped the caffeine completely (except for accidental caffeine in paracetamol or chocolate), which has made me feel physically much better.

Going to yoga, goal twice a week, have managed once a week so far.

Doing weights twice a week (goal twice a week).

Run or cycle at least every other day (fail so far).

Why am I oversharing? For the same reason as I had the tattoo, to remind me keep doing the above.


Notes: Willow has been refining his meditation technique. It currently involves finding me sitting in the living room, murruping and trotting over to sit in my lap. I remove him and put him on the sofa. He sits on the very edge of the sofa, as close to me as possible and purrs (loud enough to be heard over the headphones) and stares at me. After about 5 minutes boring a hole into my head with his eyes, he reaches out a paw towards my knee. He can just about reach from the edge of the sofa so he gets a foothold and then slowly begins to transfer his other paws to the rest of my knee. He appears to think that the slower he does this the less likely I am to notice. So I pick him up and put him on the floor at arms length facing the kitchen. He remembers his breakfast, trots (loudly) into the kitchen and crunches his biscuits, then gollops some water. He then trots happily back, sees me sitting on the floor and we start over again. Part of the trick of learning to meditate is apparently learning to turn your mind back from distractions over and over again, Willow has clearly been trained by a master.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Silly cat. 🙂

    I over post on Facebook for much your reasons. If I keep posting, I’ll keep doing it, and if I SAY online that I’m going to do something, I feel committed.

    Hope these steps help you get back ahead of the depression!

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