Saw this on Cindy’s blog and thought the Juneathon might be a cool thing to do (or might be a huge albatross that I am fighting on June 2nd, who knows?)

But as I have already smugly run on the 1st June, I am winning already, so I thought I would go for it. (Doing things at the last minute,  on impulse, with no thought for the future, me? Why sir and/or madam, you do impugn my very being.)

The rules are:

Run or do some form of exercise every day (so if shattered I can walk or cycle!)

Blog about it within 24 hours.

Join the Juneathon group at the Running Free website and log your runs/exercise. (Done, notice the secret code name)

Visit other blogs and leave comments, giving your support. (off to do it in a minute)

Link to the Juneathon website and display the ‘Juneathon Participant’ logo (done too!).

Tired now, going for a little lie-down.



One Comment Add yours

  1. There’s no way I am running every day! 🙂 I know I end up walking at least a half hour every day (to get somewhere usually) so I feel good about days that I have NO desire to run/spin/move from the couch.

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