#juneathon 14 zzz


One of the unexpected benefits of #juneathon is that I have finally learnt exactly where the hash key is on my macbook. I have also regularly acquainted myself with the Euro € and the Cent ¢. It is an alt-thing thing so not one I normally remember, but it is firmly stuck in my head for at least a fortnight.

Timing issue today. Started off as a model of citizenship, did my meditation (with help from Willow) found a new weight type work-out as I felt I was a bit comfy with the last one. It is this one but adjusted to use my sofa as a bench, avoid the chin-ups (no way I could do them even if I had a bar and a stable enough doorway) and do the back-extension from a forward bend standing (if you see what I mean). Tried back-extensions on the ball, very giggly but not an exercise, more of a health and safety video. Tried them on the bed, and more of a ‘person sinks into mattress’ scenario. After this editing, the ones I can do hurt lots, so that has to be good? They don’t hurt now, just when I did them.

So after this fantastic start I was going to do my long run, pretty much as I was going to do it yesterday. But I had a wrestle with some work stuff, and lost a fight with a cheesey flapjack and had to sleep. Woke up, realised it was nearly time to go to the Dr at 5pm, checked the appointment which was actually 8.30am. Bum. Ate salted almonds, wrote a silly story for fun (My name is Epiphyte). Failed to get fatter arse out of door.

So a lie about the timing, other than had I gone at 9am I would have got it all done. It was just that my motivation sometimes runs a lot faster than me and I can’t quite catch it up.

So just weights for #juneathon. Will try harder, will need to as moving me is becoming more of a calorific drain day by day.


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  1. Ruth Ridley says:

    Good story Epiphyte 🙂 x

    1. mercyjm says:

      Thank you! xx Go and do one yourself…

  2. Red Hen says:

    This could be my day, exactly, minus the creativity to write a short story. It`s always better for me if I get the run done first.

  3. That was a brilliant story.

    As much as I like working out, this Juneathon is killing me. I want a rest day where all I do is lay in bed and read and work and *not move.* Luckily I have a new gym to enjoy so that should help, even if I just walk the mile there and soak in the jacuzzi. Soaking counts, right? 🙂

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