#juneathon 21#legchallenge


Today was one of those days where my brain and self-esteem shut down half-way through. I did however manage to get a bit back and completed the #legchallenge level 2 ( I have missed one out this week, will try and catch up at some point); and a workout I found on here.

I keep reading about plyometrics being the thing to increase your running energy, speed and strength. And I have occasionally looked at workouts and thought ‘that looks like a good way to hurt myself’. But I tried this one, and the main reaction I had was that it was rather like an old fashioned aerobics class, with a bit of step thrown in. So all-in-all quite fun.

That said I couldn’t do the clock one as my sitting room is far too small, I had to do it in 10 minute bites, over and over again. I don’t have a step so I used a cat tuffet (a small soft thing to sit on or use to jump into radiator bed from, this one is stuffed with old carpet underlay so is very robust) And I am sitting here typing dripping with sweat, as it is a bit warm in here to jump around. But still fun.


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  1. I’m so uncoordinated I think I’d fall flat on my face doing any of those. Seriously. 🙂

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