#junethon 22, parkrun, goal achieved and er potato broth


Dragged myself out in the drizzle to Parkrun, decided not to cycle, didn’t fancy being wet before I started, getting wetter, and then getting wetter again on the way home.

Turns out that there is no Parkrun next week as the park is being used for another event. So this was really my opportunity to hit my secret June goal of getting my 5K time down below 29.30. I did actually run with effort, attempted technique and stuff. And I felt properly slightly rubbish most of the way round (until about 4.5k when I felt really rubbish so walked for about 30 seconds); and I hit 29.19!! Really pleased.

Not a PB, my PB is somewhere in the 25’s I think; about 5 years ago. But I think that I could just nibble away at it for a few months. I am much heavier than I have been for a long time, and have had a very inconsistant training regime for about the last 18 months, so if I could get down to it (er you at the back, with the loud snigger, I can hear you) I would like to get below 27 minutes.

2013-06-22 15.19.43

2013-06-22 15.20.36

2013-06-22 15.20.24


A bit of allotmenteering after that, to attend to the weed forest, where I found the very lovely strawberry above. Reader, I ate it. And I didn’t realise quite how much bees liked chives (I have a lot, they are easy to grow and pretty), but presumably not in a potato salad. And talking of potatoes..

I tried to make gnocchi. They just disappeared? As soon as I put my little potato balls in the boiling water, they just dissipated to join a hive mind of potato broth, that would presumably take over the universe after sucking in all the potato-based substances and subduing them to its dominant will. So I fried the remaining ones. Not so healthy, but better for the universe.


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  1. Red Hen says:

    Flowering chives look wonderful. Good going on hitting your 5km goal!

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