#juneathon 24 – A day with Father Jack.


Do you ever have those days where you sincerely wished that you had not left the duvet? When about 2/3rds of the way through the day your teeth are itching from the desire to bite anyone and anything that comes near you?

When you just end up sitting there arbitrarily emitting a ‘FECK’ or an ‘ARSE!’ and cannot communicate in any other way?

The day went like this

0. Lovely quiet session of mindful yoga and meditation.

1. Annoying email – reigned temper in and apologised for something that clearly was not my or the office’s fault. Another person then gave the impression that it might be our fault.

(dealt with some of the resulting feeling by being mindful)

2. Tried to make a cake for my colleagues. It had all the particles of cake-ness (Chocolate stout cake) but none of the particles wanted to stay together. They all insisted on whizzing off to be part of the ever-expanding matter of the universe. Stuck it together with icing.

(Cakes do not respond to mindfulness, they respect only the whip-hand of the consumer.)

3. Broadband went intermittant. Then off. Switched initially to using the cable to connect to the router. Then gave up. Used dongle. Dongle very slow.

(Forgot mindfulness, commenced a low growl)

4. Forgot that the wireless printer wouldn’t work, queued umpteen documents on it before remembering. Re-started router. Discovered that the wires to the router are controlled by a large spider, who has designs on the world wide web.

5. Wireless and broadband now fitfully working. Printer runs out of ink. Ha you ARSE! I have a spare cartridge.

6.Went out to go to GP, pick up prescription, drop off particle cake at work, with some paperwork; so I could cycle tomorrow (can’t cycle carrying cake externally). Locked self out, mental note to pick up spare set of keys on way home. Arse.

7. Sat in chemist for some time watching everyone get their prescriptions in front of me (they were walking in and just getting them in 30 seconds, whereas I had to wait the regulation 10-15 minutes ) Tried not to FECK!! out loud.

8, Drove to work to drop stuff off. Pleased to note they have resurfaced the most dangerous road in Surrey to cycle on. Got to work. Work key on house key ring. Pointless journey of 42 miles. No-one else in on estate for me to leave stuff with. Drove home, with cake, with paperwork. FECK! ARSE!

9. Picked up spare key from spider who guards it from me (never really worked out my logic on this idea). Ran away from spider.

9. Oh and my exercise? #legchallenge thingy and swearing.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. A curiously great post that left me both bemused and amused

  2. Kate says:

    If swearing burned calories I’d look like Angelina Jolie.

    That’s a heck of a day. Hope the rest of the week is better!

    1. mercyjm says:

      Oh if only! Size zero would be attainable in minutes!

  3. I pretty much spend most of my day swearing about something. 🙂

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