Long run


12 miles, just under 11 minute miling, last mile was a struggle but otherwise good. Twingey left achilles means I am typing this, lying on the bed with a cat on my back and a bag of frozen sweet corn on my ankle. Very glamorous, me.

Photos of garden plants today, instead of wild ones. Horsham smelt of roses and (mock) orange blossom. Ended run in allotment so I could do some watering, so I gorged on sun-warmed strawberries.

For some reason I am incapable of formatting this properly so in order of appearance: Cornus, Lathyrus ?latifolius (when I worked in a garden centre my manager used to refer to it as the ‘everlasting pee’), Papaver orientale, Philadelphus, and my Sarracenia flava who have finally got round to flowering after thinking about it for two months.

2013-07-01 17.30.34






2013-07-01 17.44.192013-07-01 17.49.122013-07-01 17.45.502013-07-01 19.30.29

2013-07-01 19.30.36



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Red Hen says:

    Oh well done on the twelve mile run. Have just done the same myself. It really is like forcing down another barrier. But yes, it`s painful!

  2. Those flowers are beautiful. I miss having the option of having a garden.

  3. Dies the cat on the back aid recovery? Well done – that’s a long way for anyone.

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