Flowers and shows and sore feet

Saturday, over-slept and missed Parkrun. Did a lot of digging in the allotment as penance (cough, and a lot of time sitting in the allotment eating strawberries). Such is the inevitable punishment of fate, I am now both the shape and the colour of a strawberry. Luckily I do not have the visible pips yet.

Sunday I did the Cranleigh 10k. I say ‘did’ as there was not a consistent amount of running as I got hot. I was picked up and encouraged home by a chap from Lingfield runners, so thank you! I had more or less decided to walk/run, and it turned out I could actually run. Time was 1.03 so not a disaster.

Monday was Hampton Court Palace Flower Show press day, which I have to attend by law, despite having no other function than that of a chocolate teapot ( I don’t do press and pr, or fundraising or shows, so I am pretty surplus!). Now stupidly on Sunday evening I had decided to walk to the allotment to water in flip-flops, and my feet which are really oddly over-sensitive at the moment blistered before I was half way there. So I had sore feet, woke up (for some unknown reason) looking into the pit of despond, and turned up somewhere where I had to chirp and smile. Luckily, while all my colleagues are nice, one of them is nice and psychic and kindly shooed me out of the marquee to go for a wander and a cup of something.

Hampton Court is odd on press day, everything is still being hurriedly put together, nothing is really open and there are a lot of camera crews just randomly filming plants. None of the judging has been done so all the nurseries and designers are understandably stressed if you sneeze near their exhibits. You can potter round for ages learning how things are put together, and how the veneer of perfection is created. We don’t actually do gardens as such we have a marquee where our Collection Holders exhibit); and I think I have become a bit blasé about the beauty of the other areas over the years. There is necessarily a subset of nurseries that have the resources to show at Hampton Court, whose plants flower reliably at the right period of time and who are considered to offer ‘wow’ factor by the organisers; which means that a visitor will inevitably see similar plants each year.

And there must be similar constraints with the gardens, they need to survive 7 odd days in very unpredictable weather, make a statement, but be beautiful and also have ‘wow’ factor.There were some that really worked for me this year like the Macmillan and Desolation to Regeneration;  but there were many that you feel you have seen year after year. One more recreation of a dilapidated building with cottage garden flowers and I will replant it all with carpet bedding. Clearly these views are my own and not those of Plant Heritage (or only parts of it!) I have to go back on Wednesday so I will get some photos then, my phone (which is my only camera at the moment) threw a mad hissy fit and refused to even open an eyelid. There are photos on the PH blog, if you want to look, but I won’t post them here.

And anyway, exercise. I was tired and blah after changing my mind twice about which way to go home (A3? mm A344? mm). So once I had bought cat beauty treatments ( a bad story for another day when I have got over it), I got home, looked at the lap top, footled with the work website a bit. And then TA-DAA! walked into town to go swimming. I was so embarrassingly pleased with myself, I must have been visible from space. I swam 40 lengths and then (intake of breath) walked 2 miles to go to the allotment to water and stuff down strawberries. And then another mile home.

And here is the funny bit that I have just found out. I bought a pedometer as one of my colleagues is doing the 10,000 step thing, and we thought it would be good for all of use to get out at lunchtimes. So I thought today would be a really good day to start using it (flower shows are notorious for walking). And not having my reading glasses on, I kept seeing it showing 2900 or similar, and I assumed I had accidentally reset it at one point, but I was awestruck at how far I would have to go to get to 10,000 ( I mean I have done a minimum of 6 miles according to my guesswork)

Now I look at it closely it turns out that I have done 19175 steps. So I can feel tired, and remember to use my glasses more often.


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  1. That’s a great 10K time! (right?) 🙂

    Also you swam more lengths than I ever could imagine doing!

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