Training round-down


Can’t really call it a round-up, it didn’t feel very rounded.

Monday: (should my drawing be open to interpretation this is a person botanising with a mobile phone, while wearing big wellies) MILES: er 2-3?

Botanising in wellies cartoon

Tuesday: Spent travelling the huuuuge length/breadth of Scotland, and tiddly England with a penguin, sea-eagle, my Personal Un-Trainer and the Man Who REALLY Likes Cockles. (Drawing is of us stationary on the M6 next to one of the lorries with girl’s names). MILES: pretty much infinite.

Driving cartoon
Wednesday: I cycled! There was only the one spaniel. Total, about 26 miles. (Spaniel not shown, not model’s own)

cycling cartoon

Thursday: Nada, for the life of me I can’t remember why. Ah, yes. I was tired and my head imploded. That was it. Spent some time picking up the resulting mush.

Sleeping with cat cartoon

Friday: A long run! Needed to get back on the horse after 2-3 non-weeks, I knocked out (for which read: ran then pottered then struggled) 12 miles.

running cartoon

Saturday: Write this Run – Not another running blog workshop! Counts as running surely??? I walked to and from the station, and got lost and everything, that must count! I wrote by hand as well, that can be hard work! MILES: About 4

Sleeping with cat cartoon

Sunday: A plethora of reasons: it was really hot, the cat isn’t well, I did 2 hours of weeding (with the hoe for my bingo-wings), I did housework, I had to get rid of the new group of winos who seem to live outside the flat.

This round-up stuff is a bit grounding; I would say I will try harder next week, but I am going to a festival with my P-UT and the MWRLC, so I will walk and dance a bit…and I will need to do my long run during the week again.


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  1. You went to the workshop? I am super jealous! I hope it was really awesome. I am sorry your cat isn’t well. 😦

  2. Red Hen says:

    Your Tuesday sounds like something out of The Life of Pi! Love, love, love the drawings! And a 12 mile run and a 26 mile cycle. Fantastic!

  3. Kate says:

    Running blog workshop sounds so cool. I want to go to one too! And thank you for the nice things you said in your comment!

    I LOVE your illustrations. I draw well enough to impress first graders, but typically I have to teach my kiddos how to make stick figures, so their bar for being impressed is set quite low.

  4. Kate says:

    Also, my “long runs” have been 7 miles and so not pretty. More staggering than actual running, not helped by the fact that I wait until the temp hits 85* F before going outside and promptly melting. I thought on Saturday that, with a gait that more resembled Frankenstein’s monster lurching than anything approaching a real run, I was a very poor advertisement for our sport: “Go for a run; you’ll want to die.”

  5. Andrew says:

    Your drawings are awesome! I’m so jealous of your multimedia blog.

  6. How was the Write The Run workshop? I’ve seen those guys around (and am a little tempted/curious), but also a bit apprehensive!

    1. mercyjm says:

      Really they are great. I am a bit of a wimp sometimes and I find it such a supportive atmosphere, one of those groups where you are ok just to be you. And the ideas, contacts and networking are just fantastic.

  7. I adore your doodles. You’ve given me some ideas. Thank you! And lovely to meet you at the workshop!

    1. mercyjm says:

      I am the most unartistic person on the planet, but sadly people have been so nice, I will just keep going now! Thank you, it was a really good workshop wasn’t it? I love meeting other bloggers, it always seems like the beginning of something big!

  8. I agree with Becca: your sketches are great. You could try to do a round-up with just sketches, no words, and ask your followers to see if they can work out what you’ve been up to! K x

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