Running in Hyde Park

So many confessions to make- deep breath.

I nearly didn’t go because my training has been so er.. non-training. And I had a potentially stressful long meeting, and then went off with the Moorhen Photographer in Chief to meet my Personal Untrainer at her very beautiful place of work (Chelsea Physic Garden – an oasis of beauty in the heart of the city). We had walnut and courgette cake which was just the nicest cake I have had in a long time. And by then I was so post-stress chilled I just wanted a nice g & t and to watch the people pass me by.

But I had promised to go, so I did. However I had wardrobe issues. I had to take a back-pack full of paperwork and my laptop to the meeting, so there was limited space for running gear. I wore my shorts under a dress and changed my trainers for shoes in the meeting. I was wearing a sports-bra and took a t-shirt. Now I thought I had taken one of my very smart Moorhenscampers t-shirts, but I had picked up a t-shirt I bought in Paris with a nice cat on the front. I was however thinking of offering to mind the bags, so I didn’t have to run… but I (surprisingly for me) just got the fuck on with it.

So god alone knows what the other Write this Run team thought a) when I pulled off my dress to put on a t-shirt in the middle of Regents Park b) when I was wearing a non-technical rather random top. However they politely ignored it.

And we had the nicest run, I was wrong in my fear that I would be left in the dust by the (younger, faster, keener) team (who have actually trained and stuff) and everyone waited for the slower people and we all had a good time (though I talked way too much, because I wasn’t lying on the tarmac crying and was so happy about it- sorry Becca for talking at you, your turn to talk next time, I promise). And we arrived in time to cheer in the Magic mile people, who looked as you think someone would look if they were running very fast and wanted it to be over soon.

My that park is busy (says the country mouse) and some of the cyclists go soooo fast. And the planting is really rather good in the bits I saw.

And big apologies over the lack of photos at the moment, I have changed phones and (as technology is oddly getting bigger at the moment) it no longer fits in my little arm-band thing. I will sort it out, and I will learn how to stop it phoning people for fun without telling me…..


3 Comments Add yours

  1. It was lovely to run & meet you! Friday afternoon runs are not good for anyone and of much rather chat and enjoy the route than race through a busy park! See you Saturday!

  2. Red Hen says:

    Haha! I`ve a wonderful picture of you whipping off your dress to reveal all your running gear! Sorta like Superman. Sorta!

  3. Kate says:

    I think that was a pretty brilliant solution. I’m a big fan of dresses with running and biking because you can throw them on and voila! Instant changing room…for shorts, anyway.

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