Over-active day.

It isn’t often that I know I have done too much exercise in a day, virtually never really. But today was that day.

My little car is not dead, but she is in intensive care. She will be better in a fortnight, presumably when the gold encrusted parts have been laboriously purchased from Citroen and installed in the prescribed manner under a full moon.

I am only being chippy about it, I am sure it is rather difficult to remake a quarter of a car. I had steeled myself for a write-off and had come to the conclusion that with a lot of faffing and the purchase of a folding bike (Yay another bike!!) I could survive without a car (her value is minuscule as she has done lots of miles..lots). So I was pleased to learn she would be re-animated, and not so pleased to learn I would be car-less for a fortnight (which makes no sense when you consider I had come to the conclusion I could live without her..).

2013-09-10 07.04.25

Rather autumnal willowherb

So I cycled into work (about 21 miles, had I not got lost) which takes me a good 2 hours as I am slow and the route is either off-road or hilly. I then realised that everyone in my little office was looking forward to their run/run-walk/walk at lunchtime. So we went out to do 5k at various paces. And I lost the two faster people, who weren’t in the office when the two slower people returned. So full of guilt (they did have a map though) I set out to look for them, once on foot; and the second time on my bike. Which added another mile of running, and another 2.5 of cycling (or would have done had I not had a puncture half way round). Which sounds quite mild except that I suspected they had got lost at the top of the North Downs (our office is at the bottom), so I had to do sharp off-road ascent on the bike.

2013-09-10 07.47.20

Field in Cranleigh on my commuting route

All ended happily, but when I reached about 10 miles into my journey home I was so tired. You know when you get a bit sniffly? And you know that it is just because you are tired, and you will be immediately happy once you see home, but you still feel sniffly anyway. But I made it, and slightly faster than I did on the way out (I spent more time on the road). So all ended well. Total cycled: about 44 miles, total run/walked about 5 miles.

Wildlife seen today: deer, heron hunting in a field (no idea why), a nice cat twice (two circuits of route looking for lost runners), two buzzards, lots of spaniels, a very, very teeny dog that I could have put in my pocket.

2013-09-10 09.13.50

Gillian’s congratulation cake, made by one of my colleagues – it was very, very good.


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  1. Kate says:

    I was almost in tears riding uphill on my second-last lap of my second race on Sunday. And knowing that I had no one to blame but myself was no consolation.

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