And some unexpected luxury

Cycled in to work this morning, not unpleasant but a bit drizzly and I was a bit over-aware that I was pushing my body expecting it to do another 42 miles this week. It is normally happy to do 40 off no training, quite slowly, but doing it twice in 3 days would be in territory that might induce whiny knees.

I had, very smugly, done 3 miles run/walking (must have been mostly running as it turned out to be pretty much 10 minute mileing) yesterday to turn my legs the right way round again ( I always think that they feel like they are on backwards when I run after cycling), and I could feel the whole week’s worth of exercise in my legs. Not bad but definitely there.

So when Gillian offered me a lift home at about 330 this afternoon, I struggled with my conscience (she lives in the opposite direction, so it is a good 30-35 miles out of her way), for a whole millisecond. And lo and behold, she took Claud (my mountain bike) in the car too! Now Claud is not clean, in a very mud-falling-off-bike way, and Gillian’s car is rather clean and has leather seats. So a vast amount of gratitude and happiness (and dryness and unexpected energy) are wafting out of me at the moment.

So looks like I can have a nice rest tomorrow working from home, with luck get to Parkrun on Saturday and consider the options for Sunday. But…. look what has arrived..2013-09-12 18.47.43

I can hardly stay indoors with new trainers can I?

Oh and in other spending money news I have booked up for the next Write this Run conference, their events are such good value for money, and so good for the inner me as well as the outer me, how could I not?



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Red Hen says:

    Tell me more about the trainers! I need a pair and am tempted to change from Brooks.

    Brilliant going on the exercise front.

    1. mercyjm says:

      There you go, took me a while!

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