New shoes of happiness

Ok, brief shoe history: I started running many moons ago in Adidas shoes I used in the gym, moved onto Puma recommended by a running shop, then Asics, with a brief and unhappy flirtation with Nike. I have been told I am an overpronator by a physio and I use orthotics I get in Boots (I think these are the ones, they aren’t soft but hard like cork or plastic).

2013-09-12 18.47.43

I changed to Inov8 for trail running about 6 years ago as I needed more grip in the mud, and when Inov8 started to do road shoes I got a pair to see what they were like (bear in mind I am not the calibre of blogger who gets free stuff, I buy things).

I got some Road X 238 in about late Jan and I really like them, so as I am planning mainly road miles this winter I thought I would get another similar pair. I tend to have two pairs of road and two pairs of trail going at any one time, an old pair and a new pair, and buy a new one of each once a year. So I got some Road X-treme 188 (the names are so wince-worthy I feel embarrassed typing them) and having done 8 miles in them yesterday I can say they are lovely. Lots of toe room, slightly less heel to toe drop (I am not a barefoot wannabe but appreciate that we have maybe got used to a lot of cushioning), very very flexible, which I think helps my shuffly form. They are very light – you can see the hexagony stuff they are made of here:

2013-09-14 15.39.11

They are also very light in the toothy four-wheel drive sole department:

2013-09-14 15.39.04

So I won’t be taking them out in the mud or the ice (but I try not to take me out in the ice). I will try to remember to do an update on how they are going in a few months. I suspect that they won’t last as long as the heavier shoes, because they are so flexible, but I may be wrong.

I had the nicest run I have had in ages, which was a relief since I am trying to increase my distance again. Due to the car issues I won’t be able to get to the Lake District next weekend to walk run the Great Langdale Half, which is a real pity. I love going up, even if my running is rubbish.

I marshalled at the Crawley 10k this morning, it is nice encouraging other runners for once, and paying back just a bit of what I have received.

2013-09-15 10.14.00

This was my position, I took Claud as you can see. So I clocked up some bike miles getting there and back.

A busy work week with several days out and some interesting transport conundrums, but I will try and fit in some proper running. I will try and do a training round-up (as I have done some training!!) later today, or tomorrow.




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  1. Red Hen says:

    Thank you very much for that shoe history. I know finding the right pair of trainers is a very personal thing. I`m going to check out the Inov-8 site though. I find the price of new trainers shocking. I`ve never paid more than €70 for a pair of shoes in my life, yet, trainer prices regularly double that. And they wear out in a few months. Eek!

    Hey, well done on that long run! And on stewarding!

  2. Kate says:

    I love volunteering at races and cheering people on. I love cheering people on in general. My friend’s son rides with us sometimes (or maybe I ride sometimes with my friend and his son) and always laughs about the fact that I say “hi” or “good morning!” to every. single. person we see. Also, at my last race, I cheered on a guy who passed me who, as it turned out, was just warming up for the next race. In that same incident, I learned that hearing “Oh, are you racing?” is even worse than hearing “You’re not in last place!”.

    But enough about me…I love Asics, have also had unhappy experiences with Nikes, and have friends who love Innov8. I’ve been too lazy (and cheap) to try something new, so I’ll be interested to see your continuing thoughts on these.

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