Wimpy-work-me v. clever-exercise-healthy-me

Have had three full-on days at work. Some with good stress, the sort that makes your brain fizz and gives you ideas; and some with bad stress, where you want to make things better or more sensible but you can’t because you are just a person – not an all-powerful super being who can resolve life’s problems with a ‘PING’.

As a result the clever sensible bit of me is tired and is unable to direct the thick lazy bit to go running, or eat good food. I am hoping that this will resolve tomorrow or Friday.

Does anyone have a magic spell that they can teach me so that I can combine clever-exercise-healthy-me with wimpy-work-me and create a better moorhen? I regularly crumble when I have long days or meetings upon meetings, or meetings with transport issues. I seem to let the stress of the work stuff take priority over everything else in my life which is silly, because if I could keep up the exercise and the sensible eating, I would be less stressed.

Suggestions on a postcard please (and where does that phrase come from?)



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