Writing if not running – kick partially responded to :)

Ok, so today went as follows. 

Went to work with running gear to run before work, took me about an hour and a quarter to get there (21 miles rural driving), which is becoming more common nowadays, and my boss was there when I got in. Now she is a big fan of me running, but we have a lot of stuff to sort out at the moment, so we started early.

Forgot lunchbreak as normal.

Meant to go after work, I had my stuff next to my desk. Turned out I had forgotten to take my antidepressant this morning and I started getting brain zaps at about 3. Although brain zaps are disputed, the are pretty clear if you have ever had them. I am on venlafaxine which has a short half life in the body, meaning you process and eliminate it fast, unlike fluoxetine (Prozac) which hangs around tidying up your files and washing your curtains for a couple of months before it goes. Not really a problem unless I need to do a lot of upright stuff, I have tried running with them and it makes me feel sick. So here I am at home, taking my pill. Takes about 2-3 hours to de-zap. Silly moorhen, I normally have them with me, but I have just started a new box, so of course didn’t have them.

Tomorrow then. I must say the air smells nice and wintery, I don’t like winter much after xmas but right now it smells nice.

Thank you for all the prods/kicks you are all lovely and I would be a much duller person without you x


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  1. Kate says:

    Writing about not running is probably better than not writing about not running. It’s like you’re halfway there. Maybe more. 🙂

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