Good time

After a bit of a pig of a week – I wrote a lengthy post on Friday which I was too embarrassed to publish – it was so whingy, I got to go to the Write this Run conf at the Running Show on Saturday. This made me feel so much better, it is difficult to describe, If I could go every day I would be a better person.

From bumping into Gill first thing when we were both not awake, to seeing Cindy and Anne-Marie and Laura and Veggie Runners and all the rest, it was just lovely. And that was just the networking. The speakers were as usual a good mixture, from the awesomely ‘I wish I was that amazing a person, but I wasn’t born that pure’ to the inspirational ‘Do you know if I just got my arse into gear I know I could take the first step to be that person’, which is perfect. No point in having a whole range of speakers so fantastic they turn you to a witless amoeba. My favourites were Jen Bradley who ran across the States, Sophie Walker who runs to deal with a stressful life I can only imagine, Jonny Muir who pointed out that really what people want to read about is people, and Robbie Britton the ultra-runner who made it sound quite fun to run round a track for 24 hours..

The show was good, but not so good that I spent my mortgage money for the year. And there was yoga afterwards. But the best bit was just feeling stuffed full of hope and optimism for a few hours.

Sunday I did nowt in terms of exercise but a lot of tidying and sorting (work really is a bit OTT at the moment and is leaving a sort of scum of other stuff in its wake). Today I did this first thing, or rather second thing, as first thing I read this and thought, ‘why not?’ (you can, as you see get it on YouTube for a payment of nowt but pain).

I did actually go for a run, which was deservedly ouch and coughy. I then, for some reason decided to work half my annual leave day.

Best (shh) bit of the day was very early in the morning. I was in the bathroom and realised that I had forgotten to empty the bath last night. While I was contemplating this, I noticed that Harvey (new cat) was climbing on the side of the bath to chew the spider plant. No sooner had I said, pointlessly, that I thought he should be careful, than he fell in. He moved so fast that only his back legs and tail went in, but an awful lot of water followed him out.

I persuaded him off the ceiling and sat with him while he washed and I dried. Poor lamb. (PFFFffffff – it took a lot not to screech with laughter).


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  1. zoeforman says:

    Due to work over running I missed the conference on Saturday 😦
    But will make sure I get back to the third one. I was there in May for the first and loved it.
    I think my blog writing and content has improved and you need a positive boost every now and then to reconnect with fellow bloggers and keep moving forward in running, blogging and life 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    That conference sounds wonderful. Isn’t it funny how people talk about doing these outlandish things and you so quickly can go from “that’s crazy!” to “I want to do that!” I swear, though, there are times when my blog forces me to do things just so I have something to write about.

  3. It was so awesome to see you as well! Did you end up buying anything?

    Oh poor Harvey! Molly’s done the same thing (only while I was in the bath)!

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