Resting on the plague train

Just got in from my trip up and down the country. Delayed trains and similar malarkey means that I have eaten a lot of rubbish and had to drink medicinal gin. Trip up to York was fine and dandy, just a little too bright and early. Workshop was excellent fun, with a good mix of people I knew and complete strangers.

Trip back was another matter. Train was over half an hour late, and once we were all seated it turned out to be a plague train full of the coughing, spluttering snottiness of England; all scooped up and stuffed in the one carriage with me. Obviously I now have the tingle at the back of the throat, the first indication that the rush of psychosomatic tics and twinges is here.

Bah! Anyway, I am going to eat some cheese (have fed His Hungriness) and go to bed.

And the main takeaways from a day of talking about social media? If you can mention sex, alcohol, and wee fluffy animals in the same post/tweet/update you will have hits. However if you can fit a cat in, the internet is yours. So in that spirit I leave you with a picture of a satanic demon cat toying with a catnip hedgehog.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. I now know why I’m not getting any hits on my blog posts. 🙂

  2. Sounds like an interesting (if tiring) day! Do scary cat pictures count?

  3. Kate says:

    Rats…I avoid talking about sex and don’t have a cat. My blog is doomed!

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