Advent Day 1 3.63

Sorry I spent some time trying to make a cute little advent calendar window to place my 3.63 miles in  36 minutes in.

Dec 1

My first concept was to do 3.63 miles in a pear tree, before I remembered that there were more than 12 days in advent. And my brain mushed instantly.

So I am just blogging, buuuuut I reserve the possibility of making a calendar in the future, with little windows. And there are presumably twelve days of Christmas still to come? Do we know when they will start?

Today has been spent in the thrall of Cabin Pressure and the Rabbit of Negative Euphoria; Harvey; my kites (some time before the results will be visible) and London Grammar who I heard on Radio 6 first thing and have been dreaming to ever since.


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  1. Everyone should listen to Cabin Pressure. 🙂 I’ve found I can’t listen while running b/c then I start laughing and then I can’t breathe. I am SO sad there is only going to be one more episode EVER.

  2. Red Hen says:

    I was delighted with the Advent streak idea but hadn`t thought of an Advent calendar to record the runs. Great idea! Think I`m gonna be happy just to log mine in my diary though.
    Twelve days starts on Christmas Eve I think. Ends Jan 6th. There should be some nice fun Christmas runs on then too. Ooohh, I can feel an active Christmas coming on!

  3. Kate says:

    You’re ahead of me. I only ran about 2 miles. But my son also made me do (attempt) pull-ups. The two I sort-of managed should probably count in at about 5 miles each. 🙂

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