New mp3 player and good weather :)

As my iPod Shuffle died recently I decided to get another mp3, and was interested in the waterproof ones that you can wear while swimming (and in the rain, seeing as we are having so much of it). Now I have trouble with ear buds, I must have odd shaped ears as I never seem to get them to stick, but these seemed to be reviewed well, and fit most people.

The guy in the shop was so rhapsodic about them it was quite funny, he had swum two miles of lengths in the local pool and just loved them. Which was a big incentive, I get bored swimming although sometimes I quite like the monotony, there are times when I just can’t face that much time alone in my head.IMG_20131229_145029

So I got these (they had several colours but blue looked quite er blue I guess). They charge quite easily in a little usb plug-in, which would need a mains adaptor if you wanted to charge directly rather than through a computer. The software for loading music is basic but works without much fuss (may be less basic on a pc, I used the mac version, I will try it at work and see if it is different). It has to change the format from whatever iTunes is using (mp4?) to mp3 to use, but there seemed no problems. They have a 4gb memory so ate quite a lot of my music in one go.

2013-12-29 14.50.40You can see the earbuds (they supply three sizes that you can pull on and off, I have the small and they just fit), and the controls which are buttons on the bottom of the main earpieces. The controls need quite a firm push, but not so much as to be difficult, and are quite logically arranged (volume and shuffle/non-shuffle on one and on/off, play/pause and ff/rev on the other) and you can skip folders by a long press on the ff/rev button.

After a bit of fiddling they do fit in my ears, you have to be quite brave (I am very squeamish about ears) and push firmly into your ear canals (just like doctors tell you not to). Once they are in it is like being underwater, and they do mostly stay firmly put. I think I need to hunt down some extra small buds on Ebay or Amazon, as it is taking quite a lot of positioning and re-positioning to get them in. They are comfortable to run with as there is no wire to faff around with and you do forget they are there after a bit. If I could get them a bit more firmly attached to my ears I would be perfectly happy with them.

I hope to try them swimming in the next couple of days, but I need to experiment at home to work out how to layer them with my cap and goggles….

Long run today (as per my plan, that’s a first) of 8ish miles; need to get arse into gear for upcoming races: Knacker Cracker (1 Jan – not much running needed, ability to breath mud and climb steps more important), Reading 1/2 (some time in March I think), Surrey 1/2 (ditto, new race near work), and the V London Mara on April 13th, oh and Janathon (must put the badge up). So let’s see how many races I can fail to start in 2014.


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  1. Red Hen says:

    It took me a long time to find earphones to fit. Realised I needed rigid ear phones with small earbuds. Any of the loose wire thingies kept falling out. Even the ones that hung over the ear. Eventually, the cheapest pair of Karrimor sports`earphones worked best for me.
    I don`t have an MP3 player though. Just use my phone. Might do that MP3 thing sometime. I like that it`s lighter and wire free.

  2. Kate says:

    I have a different model of that same MP3 player. Love the no-wire thing. The one thing I didn’t love was that usually if I run or ride I like to leave one earbud out so I can hear what’s going on around me, and I wasn’t sure how that would work with the Sony. It sounds wonderful for swimming, though! It gets sooooo boring.

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