#janathon day 2, headaches and authentications

A learning day. As soon as I got into the office (boss-lady now gone, me sort of boss) I was hit by my horrible tension headache. So plans of running in the amazingly dry weather were kyboshed. It is somewhere between a migraine (being one-sided and throbbing) and a tension headache (being very situation-induced and muscle-knotting) and is almost completely resistant to painkillers.

So I did the -athon staple of 30 minutes gentle yoga, without inversions as they made my head throb more. I then tried to blog it and remembered that I  have 2-stage authentication on my WP account so I need my phone to log in. And my phone was at work. So I am a bit late.

Next member of staff, our live-wire fundraiser, is going today. And yes, I do wear deodorant, I’m sure it can’t be my fault….


2 Comments Add yours

  1. abradypus says:

    I hope your headache didn’t survive the night.

  2. Was it something you said…? Hope the headache improves.

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