#janathon day 4 waiting for a break in the clouds

Needless to say there wasn’t one, so out I went. I was down for 6 miles in my plan (yes,  a plan exists!) but I was just not feeling 6ey so I did 5.3 instead which was much more of a me distance today.

I am entered in the Tadworth 10 tomorrow, interesting to see what the weather/ground conditions/my fitness will be like. I struggled a bit to get up to 8 the other day. If it isn’t pouring I will take my phone and take a lot of photos to disguise the walk breaks.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ruth at DaisyShop.co.uk says:

    5.3 rounds up to 6! Good luck for tomorrow.

  2. abradypus says:

    Good luck tomorrow 🙂

  3. Andrew says:

    Good Luck Tomorrow!! Though the Tadworth 10 sounds like a miscarriage of justice…

  4. Red Hen says:

    Gosh, I do hate to have to stop when I`m taking photos…;-)

    Good going today and good luck tomorrow!

  5. IronMum says:

    Sings: ‘I’m too 6ey for my shirt, too 6ey for my shirt so 6ey it hurts…. ‘How was the Tadworth 10??

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