#janathon day er…7?; a swim.

One of those days that started ok and then gently rolled downwards to grot.

Got up at a sensible time and went swimming instead of lying in bed thinking about swimming. It was nice, but my muscles are just not used to it and I was quite shaky when I got out. The nice old chap (every pool has a nice old chap who swims between about 6.30 and 7 don’t they?) remembered me from (wince) June when I think I last swam. Wasn’t crushed by triathletes.

Work was constructive but just so tiring. I am spending 50% of my days at the moment dealing with IT issues (I work in plant conservation, go figure) and the rest just trying to make sure that nothing is going amiss and we aren’t taking on stuff we can’t actually do.

Which is a long way of saying I should have done a 7 mile run and I didn’t. I have a potentially difficult meeting in the morning and then a trip to Edinburgh for another potentially difficult one one Thursday, so will need to be organised about my ‘thonning.

But right now I just want to sit and hug my big chocolatey cat.


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  1. shazruns says:

    Hugging cats should count as an athon activity. Well done on your early swim and all the best for your visit to Edinburgh, hope you get a run in

    1. mercyjm says:

      Harvey would be with you on that. He thinks that hugging cats should be a managerial position; rewarded with free deliveries of cat food and sweet wrappers (Quality Street, currently the toy of choice, stolen from the bin)

  2. runtezza says:

    Watch it, I am a nice old chap that goes swimming! Good luck with all those potentially difficult meetings.

    1. mercyjm says:

      Ah, now I must tell you about him then. He has a tendency to masquerade as a nice old chap, but if you stop and chat he will captivate. That day we talked about his cardiologist (the reason he suffers through the daily ‘purgatory’ of swimming) and the research he had been told about that indicated that regular exercise promoted the production of stem cells. So I abbreviate his presence for blogging, but just because I don’t think I have enough time to fit in what he told me. And the fact that I made a mental note to go and look it up, and have failed. So I will wince when I see him, because I don’t want him to think I am just one of those younger women who swim occasionally when they are on some sort of social media challenge….

  3. Hels says:

    Cuddling your cat sounds lovely and should count as an activity, I reckon. Hope the meetings aren’t too bad and that weather doesn’t disrupt your travel too much. On the plus side with Edinburgh, it’s so damn hilly, I reckon a walk should count…well done on the early morning swim! x

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