#Janathon 9, Edinburgh the flat version

First thing in the morning I sprang out of bed..no, I didn’t, don’t worry. I realised that I needed to read the material for today’s first meeting and rough out an agenda. Forward planning should never be done too forwardly.


Corstophine in the early(ish) morning.

So after I had done that I sprang out of bed, remembered Jillian the night before and winced. Got into my running gear and pottered off. Now in deference to my inability to locate myself in my own handbag I just went for a straight and flattish out and back that I had already ( I can’t work out how to spell the military term for checking something out, and the spell check isn’t helping, you know the one I mean, short for reconnoitre) seen on the bus. So I ran 3 miles from Haymarket back towards the airport through Corstophine (past Murrayfield and the zoo with pandas who have no panda-ling) and 3 miles back again. It was a bit safe but nice, and flattish but I was quite tired from the night before and it dragged a bit on the way back.IMG_20140109_083420

Attractive Travelodge.


My there are a lot of busses in Edinburgh! Lots and lots and lots. The south east, and particularly I think Sussex and Surrey are not good for public transport, it tends to cost a lot more than driving and be so irregular as to be useless for commuting. The other noticeable thing was the light, there was less of it in terms of hours, but the quality was different. Much more (wait for it, a stupidity is approaching) northern if you see what I mean. It felt more like Norway or Iceland (it was v sunny today) with a more translucent, clear light than we have.

Meetings were actually very good, despite me nearly missing the first one by getting lost ( a constant factor in my working life) and narrowly avoiding a sports superstore (I might have come out with a canoe or a 4th bike or something dreadful). I did enough walking (walked around for at least 2 miles trying to buy a fecking pen in the middle of the fecking city, pah!) to hit 21k steps on the Fitbit which it thinks is 8.94 miles, my feet say it is too.IMG_20140109_152958


Taken near Waverley station at about 4ish.

And yes they did stop me to check my pinging underwires, and they also made me empty my bag to show I had weights in it. For which I was told off. The lady had a very soft voice and a strong accent, but the gist of it seemed to be that I would be viewed as taking the piss by the airline, carrying weights in cabin baggage. I weighed it when I got in and it was just over 11kg. I can’t find that there is a restriction on weight (other than my own stupidity for walking 9 odd miles carrying the damn thing). But anyway, it was worth it, it made me happy.

Back home with the cat, who has had his first meeting with the lovely Amanda, who does cat care while I am away (she is a professional, Willow used to love her so much he would sulk when I came home). He was very bouncy and noisy when I came in, which considering his nervy shyness is a good thing.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Love the pictures from your trip! I haven’t gone anywhere more exotic than Kansas the past couple years, so I’m thankful for blog friends who travel.

    Plenty active during your trip! Nice job! When Nathan traveled for volleyball and I went with him, I always enjoyed finding somewhere near to run. Pretty sure my husband was half convinced I’d be attacked while in the wilds of suburban Chicago, but not so worried as to accompany me.

  2. Well done for your commitment to Janathon! Didn’t they even have a pen with a bagpiper on it?

  3. winsometahn says:

    Summer or winter there is nowt as lovely as Scotland in sunshine! Great photos.

  4. Andrew says:

    If you fly with easyJet, their cabin baggage policy is that you have to be able to comfortably lift it into an overhead locker. My record is just over 15 kilos. I don’t think they liked me very much Ts & Cs in hand 🙂

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