#janathon et Monsieur Hollande

A friend at work reminded me today that I have a running blog. Oh yes I thought! I remember that.

So janathon..another commitment broken eh? And as I drove home, alternately wincing and twitching ( I am a bad driver, you have seen the evidence) about various issues, I realised that like M. Hollande I need to come clean, admit my dalliance with slobdom, and reaffirm my vows to my love.

So I admit I rested, got flumpy and nose-dived in my motivation and my exersteem (my new term for that fleeting type of self-esteem that you have when you exercise regularly: you are an ATHLETE, which turns sad when you stop for 2 days: you are a SLOB & DESERVE TO CHOKE ON YOUR OWN DOUBLE CHIN) plummeted to zero and I hid away in the office, consoling myself with the assumed importance of work.

But I need to be an adult and take a leaf out of Andrew’s unnavigable blog and just get back on the horse (it is well worth reading as he is funny, just difficult to find the post I want) and ttfu as triafferletes say. So I shall, tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the day that I (as I hope Monsieur Hollande has already done) will go cap in hand to running and apologise, tell it I love it, have always loved it and cannot stand the sight of that slut Slobdom. It just tempted me when I was tired and down, and you know the softness of the sofa, the lure of the duvet.. STOP STOP I will stay true! Forgive me mon amour…je regrette tout x


3 Comments Add yours

  1. runtezza says:

    Exersteem is my new word of the year. Thanks!

  2. You might be a bit lax on the exercise front, but your post writing is still on form!

  3. Kate says:

    Exersteem–what a perfect word for that feeling! That’s so true. And why does it have to be so fleeting? You may not have hit every single day of January, but you seem like you’re running a lot more regularly. And great job getting back on that horse…I swear, starting back up is so dang hard.

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