For the chooks- only 4 months overdue

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Many, many moons ago I did this, and I did actually go to the museum to try to find upside-down chooks. But time and jet lag intervened in my reporting back.

I went to go and look for names, but the dates of the portraits were just out by a few decades. So I pottered through the rest of the museum, which is rather nice because they seem to use it for small events as well, and there was a band in the foyer when I was there. And I found the two documents that I have (I think) linked to above, which are about the Otago Settlers Association, which is where I would imagine upside-down chickens would be locatable.

I have put some rather random photos I took in the museum for Red Hen below, and some of the Otago Peninsula (including a Seal and his Boyfriend, Sharky the Penguin, the Moorhen Photographer in Chief watching albatrosses, and the view from the plane on the way to Christchurch. You see other things from the museum here.

2013-10-24 05.40.12

Some of the interpretation for the room of portraits, where they seemed to have done a picture for all those who arrived between certain years. But not the years that I needed!

2013-10-24 05.40.23

It’s a fascinating room, if rather intimidating, but the photos are mostly referenced on a electronic display – as below.

2013-10-24 05.41.02

A very random beer poster.

2013-10-24 05.46.46

The museum shop was small but had a lot of quite specialist books.

2013-10-24 05.58.54

Seal and boyfriend.

2013-10-25 06.57.03

Sharky the penguin.

2013-10-25 06.28.59

The Moorhen Photographer in Chief watching albatrosses.2013-10-25 04.40.48
The top end of the reserve where the seals and penguins were, nicely planted with native flora.

2013-10-25 06.22.35

A tablet picture through plexiglass or whatever they use, but you get the idea of what the peninsula looks like.IMG_20131026_083445


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  1. Red Hen says:

    Oh, thank you for that! You`re right. My ancestors arrived sixteen years too late to have their pics taken! I`d love to visit that museum though. Interesting to know about the gold rush there and the subsequent settlers. I`ve Kiwi pals-wonderful people-and this is so much of what is in their ancestry.

    And lovely to see that landscape! NZ is a fabulous country.

    That sure was one heck of a trip you had there.

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