#janathon and the lunchtime run!

With support from my colleagues (‘Well get on with it then!’) I went out for a run at lunchtime. Technically we work 7.5 hours and have a 30 min lunch break, but as we work in the middle of bleeding nowhere (in Surrey terms) we tend to be a bit lax about it. Clearly we all take 30 minutes away from our desks (as I am in charge at the moment, cough); but it varies according to the weather, and if someone needs to embark on the expedition that is ‘going to Waitrose in Godalming’, or get fuel from the garage etc.

Now I was alert enough to get to work by eight so I could have a big lunch break. Why no cycling Ms Moorhen? Because the rain was descending on Sussex like it was trying to push it under the Atlantic by force of battering alone. Oddly Surrey was dry, it may be we don’t pay enough council tax in Sussex.

So my run motivation (apart from my lovely colleagues) was to go to Godalming to look at the river and see if it was floody or whatever the term is. (Torrid?)


It is about 3 miles to God. from work (we are pretty much halfway between Guildford and God, how’s that for Surrey heartland?) and I was hoping that going to the bridge, but not into the town centre would get me 7 in total. It was close, but not quite the edible tuber of choice ( a mere 6.6 m).

But the clouds were massing again, so I took pictures and managed a negative split (I find that the potential for very heavy rain/hail will almost always inspire a negative split even when tired or injured. (For the non-runners a negative split is where you do an out-and-back and the back is faster than the out).

Got back, did the wet-wipe-wash and sat and basked in my exersteem all afternoon.  (I will stop using the word, but at least 2 people liked it, so I taking advantage for a bit.)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. runtezza says:

    Hope you are closer to God than to Guildford!

  2. Kate says:

    Awesome job getting out at lunch. I never manage to do that. Usually too much screwing around has to happen before I get my ass in gear, and then I’m out of time.

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