#janathon and the AWOL report

Saturday – sleeeeeeping

Sunday 12 mile run in the sun – YEEHAA it was lovely, so so lovely, I really enjoyed all but the last mile, which is par for the course in a long run. I then had to go and buy a new bike helmet (lesson to learn: do not use helmet as handbag, no matter how similar they may be, the handles (for which read straps) are not designed to hold all that stuff.) and some sunglasses (for which read things to keep things* out of eyes).

Monday- blah day. Set out all prepped for cycling to work, stopped in usual place in Cranleigh, put bike together (Claud has to have his front wheel off to fit in Madame C, the car) tested brakes and tyres, switched on both rear lights, switc….oh bollocks.. remembered that the battery for the front light was still attached to the charger in the sitting room, at home.

Now I could easily have got into work (I had delayed getting up as I had a headache, so I dawdled) in the light, but I would have had to leave at a silly time (3.30?) to get back to Madame C in good light on the roads. And I felt that despite being the boss-lady at the moment, it would have been stretching the point just a smidge to bugger off 1.5 hours early because I am a numpty. So I put Claud back in the car, and continued through the crawling, grindingly annoying jams to work (whose fault, Ms Moorhen?). The headache grew with each grind.

However, for those of you who are into the somewhat odd political amusements in the UK at the moment this: Gay shipping forecast,  had me in tears for part of the jam. For those not based in the UK this roughly explains it, but bare in mind it is from a right-leaning paper so will be mild-ish in terms of condemning lunacy..

Safe to say I will never be able to listen to the Shipping Forecast without a happy smile, especially when it is windy.

But (am I faffing around enough here?) I regained the headache when I got to work and did nothing other than whimper a bit at my colleagues, and (your sympathy may be diluted here) eat a slice of the most luscious cake, created by the mother of my godson. So I limped through the day, and am sitting typing with the cat propping up my chin (he sits upright on my lap and is just the right height for me to put my chin on his head, we are designed to use a keyboard together) taking the white wine cure.

Will try harder tomorrow.

*things include twigs, branches, trees, insects who are seasonally inept, mud, grit, gravel, boulders, slugs, mud, water, too much reality, rain, hail, snow oh and sunlight possibly.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. You need to follow @ukipweather on Twitter as well. It’s hysterical and one tweet has even featured John Barrowman. 🙂

  2. Red Hen says:

    Twelve miles! Wow! Are you training for a marathon?

  3. Andrew says:

    What I’m reading is that you averaged 4 miles a day for the last 3 days? Sounds great! Keep it up 🙂 Especially the blogging

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