#janathon sigh….

Admission: I am too easily sidelined and made immobile by work issues, which sort of consume me. I end up coming home, eating shit (not literally…really!), having a couple of glasses of wine, and believing the cat.

The cat says ‘Mercy – sort your life out. Your priorities are: earning cat food and heating money, lying on the sofa or the bed so as to be lain upon. That’s pretty much it.’

I did try to cycle to and from work yesterday, and was all full of the wonders I would blog. I cycled in which was great, had a bit of a bollocks day at work, went out to cycle back, only to find that Claud had a flat. It was dark, raining and cold. Claud was plastered in mud. My lovely colleague offered me a ride back to my car. I was weak.

I was all set to run today, indeed worked all day in running gear.But the day went so double bollocks I didn’t.

I realise that the cure for bad days at work is exercise (so as to boost the exersteem) but my first move is always to deal with the pants stuff, and do my stuff afterwards. Which is a good work ethic, but a poor Mercy ethic, because by the time I have sorted out the work-pants I am too blah to exercise. And possibly I am just being lazy (were it not for the fact that I think I have ground at least 2mm off my teeth in the last 24 hours, which surely must count?).

Anyway, silence ended. Apols!


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  1. Andrew says:

    We both ended our silence on the same day. Glad to have you back 🙂 Some days are so bad that there’s no amount of ‘exersteem’ can help them. On those days, sitting with cats is the ideal recuperant, and you’re well-set for that already. Woo!

    1. mercyjm says:

      Ah, you’ve made me all sniffly, fellow absentee. Your post arrived in my email just as I had posted mine. Well done! and thank you.

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