#janathon commuting

Inspired to a bit more organised effort by yesterday. I went for something that once committed to couldn’t be derailed by incidental items (punctures, weather, me) and wasn’t too big to scare me in the morning. I went for a short run commute, which I have done a few times before but not recently.

My back pack/handbag (though sadly only the grey was available when I got mine) was bought to work running and on the bike and is comfy and holds a lot of stuff. I can park about 5ish miles from work and run most of the way off-road on tracks which is nice and safe. So I did it! No-one was more surprised than me, and the lovely warm exersteem (call it smugness if you will) fluffed up a stressful day. So I ran back again and it was even nicer.

I did see a young deer on the way in, he couldn’t find a way to get away from me so he hid  close to the path and stayed still.I managed to see him and we shared a moment I guess has been shared by human and deer for thousands of years: don’tseeme.don’tseeme.don’tseeme v. Oh a deer looking at me! It was so beautiful, it had very short antlers with brand new velvet on. I only looked for a second, and then moved away, so it wasn’t too stressed. Hope it doesn’t now think it has the power of invisibility.

Anyway min cool, 9.5 overall, and clearly now I rule the world, till tomorrow 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrew says:

    Awesome! Getting back on the Janathon horse (or is that deer) in style. Extra points for the exsmusteem too 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    That sounds wonderful.

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