Many many moons ago, I mentioned the christmas tree (with a small c, as I am uncertain if it is really a seasonal item) that was sited on the A281. Now I have been lax with my training (but conscientious with my work) recently, and it has been a couple of weeks or so (cough) since I have been that far up my long run route. The weather has been a little Octoberish all winter so there have been lots of floods, trees down and general mayhem. And the christmas tree has been felled, and tossed to one side.

Moorhen-dilemma: should I rescue it?

In training news I have made myself do 12 miles today so that I can at least only be a month or two behind in my training plan, rather than not on the plan at all. I just gave up in the face of work-stress (self-inflicted, really), stinky, wanky weather; perpetual puncturing of Claud’s rear wheel (weather related really, it is just so wet) and blah. But I am back now at least today 🙂

2014-02-15 08.36.43

And for those concerned about lack of cat- here he is: sharing the pillow and just showing off his laminated coat, and demonstrating his special translucent bat-ears in the morning light. (the first picture may be short-lived so enjoy it while it is there)


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  1. abradypus says:

    He is gorgeous, translucent bat ears and all.

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