(insert name of sponsor) London Marathon


This last week it has come to the point of decision. The VLM is about 5 weeks away, so if I want to present myself at the start to run/walk an under-trained and painful race I now have to do some half-arsed training for it. I can shuffle through a half with no ill effects (thank you, body) so I had better get my trainers back on.

In addition to this, our PR Officer said to me very quietly while we were on our own last week, ‘Er, were you going to do the marathon? Because if you were and it wasn’t too much pressure, you could do it as a fundraising thing?’ (as I work for a charity). And I could too, so I am.

2014-03-04 17.26.36

I will need to tweet and blog on my other Twitter id (@mm10666) and the work WordPress account, but from a different perspective, with more jollity :). I won’t link back here as a lot of the stuff on here is a bit too personal for work, though I don’t mind if people get here under their own steam.

2014-03-04 17.26.45

I did 6 miles today (3 into work, 3 back very pleasant- also cuts down my options for wriggling out if it is my commute).  I took some pictures of the Wey which is still rather full, and some blackthorn (Prunus spinosus). And the blackthorn reminded me of seeing it coming out last year. I was so scared that it meant spring was coming. I feltso dark and dead inside that I couldn’t face the thought of sunshine and spring, it was wrong somehow.

2014-03-04 17.36.40

I feel so much better this year.


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