Pottering along


I have been training, just not blogged it yet.

I did 14 miles last er Wednesday or Thursday which was fine with no dramas. Had puffy heels for a few days, so let them subside and have done 3 miles yesterday and 3 today with less problems. I have iced and applied unguents and subjected myself to being sat on by the cat.

Down to the serious stuff.

This is my sponsorship page, yes it is a bit odd that I am running for the charity I work for; sort of raising money to pay my own salary (and that of 7-8 other people too). I hate running for sponsorship, I run because I like it and race because I like it, and I get really resentful of people who assume that marathons are only run by people in costumes raising money for charity. BUT we do need the cash, we are currently lacking a fundraiser and therefore are not on target for the year. While the conservation of cultivated plants it is about as niche a cause as you can get, garden plants give people a lot of joy, and represent a huge chunk of our heritage and culture in the UK and Ireland. I can go on ad infinitum- but will stop now – for more info go here. Some of the web pages I even wrote myself, though the site itself is a bit clunky.

I had a bad year last year; and all throughout the year I kept breaking my commitments to myself and others. I entered and did not start more races than I ran, some of which were big favourites, some I had agreed to do with other people. It seemed that everything I tried to do to make my life easier, more worthwhile or better was a step too far. I got to the point where I became convinced that I had become a person for whom commitment to anything was not possible, a complete flake.

At the beginning of the year I aimed for just Janathon and the marathon, and immediately fell (metaphorically) flat on my face with Janathon. I felt that if making a commitment equalled failure, it wasn’t going to help me just piling more fails on to my substantial heap. So it was very late in the day that I actually told people I would run, and agreed to raise money for work.

So from the outside perspective it looks like I am just doing another marathon, and a run of the mill sponsorship effort (I am not a born fundraiser, you can tell from the dire blurb on my sponsorship page). And while a lot of the struggle will be physical, most of it will be mental. Much of the work is an invisible, internal battle against the tricksiest enemy – me.
And I can’t really tell potential sponsors that to me it is a miracle that I can look at blossom and smile this year, let alone run and dream of grand plans. But it is, and I am very grateful for it. 🙂

That has to be the grumpiest and most introspective pitch anyone has ever made for cash.



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  1. Kate says:

    Nice job on your 14 miler! And good luck raising money…asking is always difficult. It may not seem like it from what I write, but I tend to set my sights low bc failing or even struggling to meet bigger goals stresses me out and makes me want to quit. So I maybe have a tiny taste of what you’re talking about.

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