And an unplanned interval

All the achievement was clearly just a bit too much, I have crashed a bit.

A combination of a few issues at work, a few irritations at home, August* and the stuff in the news proved to be too many straws for the delicate camel.

A lot of words have been written about the words written about Robin Williams, I see no point in adding to them other than to say how hard it is to extract yourself from this sort of event. I don’t think anyone intends their words to be triggering of a response in those who are vulnerable; but the sheer volume of material online in the last 48 hours has been inescapable. The one I found safest was from Belle, who is a wise soul.

So a lapse in running, and botanising for a bit while I catch up with work, flood the whole of Horsham in an attempt to get Southern Water to help me out, wait out the month of August and buy a back-support for my camel.

In  other news, Harvey is an outdoor cat now, with a bird-warning bell on his collar; I was his idea that he belonged outside, not mine.

*Really oddly I have always felt crap in August, sometimes just tired, sometimes overwhelmed.


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