From out of the blue

Still here, just a smidge busy.

Running in the last few weeks has been consistent (believe it or not), I have been sticking to what the gadget tells me to do, with a few misses.  I seem to be averaging about 25-30 miles per week with a long run of errr 12-18 miles (the 18 was a navigational error).

However, I have been fiddling with my life. I am fast on the way to bankruptcy, having moved from full-time work to part-time at the beginning of October. The reason for doing this is that I have started an MSc in Ethnobotany ( I have linked it to save you the Googling). In the hope that I can stave off starvation for me and the cat-boy I am selling the flat, and will move over towards the University. This is all taking way too much time and stress to sort out, but I guess it may be done before we have to move into the car.

But back to running for a bit – I am still very in love with my new/now old Polar, it has really revived my running. Partly because it created a programme that was easy, week after week; which I think I needed. And because there is very little choice for me, I can move the sessions around during the week, but other than that I can do them or not do them. And mostly I do them. And I think I have got a bit better.

The commute to the Uni in Kent is a little wearisome at the moment, about 1 1/2hours  each way on the motorway. But I have found a stop-off part way that is good for running.



2014-10-02 17.37.22

Very informative road sign


2014-10-02 18.02.49

Thurnham Castle ruins  ( where it says ‘most of the undergrowth has been cleared’ this is a generous assessment)


2014-10-02 18.07.48Sun setting over the M20 (believe it or not) and the bullocks I walked past – oh yes.



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