Virtual blogging

I realise that I have been meaning to blog, taking photos, composing amusing phrases and so-on; and not actually doing it.

So to catch up.

Last Saturday I went to my first Horsham Parkrun. Yes, I realise this is embarrassing because I live less than a mile from the park, and the Parkrun started at the beginning of September. I picked the nastiest wettest day to try it out, and of the Parkruns I have tried (Hove, Banstead and Tilgate) it is probably the dampest. I remember thinking some years ago that it would be a bugger to do Parkrun at Horhsam because our park is so wee, and indeed it is a (sigh) 3 lap course. Much of which is on the grass, which is utterly sodden in places, so much as to splash when you run through it.

That said, I went again this morning, when it was just as wet underfoot. And I realised that the true beauty of Parkrun isn’t the actual park or the course. It is just the fun of running the same thing with the same people every week. Not at all damaged by the fact that Horsham is much less popular than Tilgate (7 miles away in Creepy) therefore you do not spend the whole time dodging dogs, push chairs and kids who suddenly run out of energy (like puppies and kittens who fall asleep in the middle pf playing). So while the course is probably not a PB in the wet, you would have more chance of running well overall. I must emphasise that I am not anti-dog or child, just anti-tripping over them on a single track path.

The funniest moment this morning was when a lady came into the finish and one of the marshalls yelled ‘Go Doris!!! (or whatever her name was) and she put on a bit of an effort, he then yelled ‘Go Dog!!!’ and the retriever just went for it. Best finish effort I have ever seen.

Mind you there is one in Cranleigh now… I like Cranleigh. Difficult to justify the spend on diesel when I can walk into town though. For proper information and very sane opinions on Parkrun visit the nice sloth lady, she is the expert.

I also tried my first night run in Canterbury (now the week before last) and found it pleasant. There are a lot of well signed cycle routes, which are ideal for the runner who gets lost a lot.


As I haven’t failed to do a challenge (I haven’t taken any on) since Janathon, I have vaguely signed up (as much as you can) for Advent Running. I reckon I will last till,,, mmm 4th December? Oh actually thinking about it, 1st December, all set to be crap day at work. 🙂


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