Another running commute today, an attempt to catch up a bit on my recent doziness. And on the way back I finally remembered to use my bike light, one of these little beauties on the harness thingy that turns it into a head torch. Now I adore my light, it is good enough for a big chicken like me to use off road in the dark (on nice tracks) and makes me feel prepared and brave.

But I hate using head torches to run in the dark, my solution is to always wear a baseball hat so that there is no slippage or irritation or faffing. So it works with my rather feeble Petzl (can’t remember model, it was the cheapest one about 10 years ago, and is very useful, but a little pastel in terms of lighting), and I find it works really well with the Ayup. That said, I look daft enough that I wouldn’t wander into a shop wearing the get-up; it has a battery pack so I probably look like a miner or someone whose brain requires auxiliary powering (mmm…)

So back to the run, light in the morning, dark on the way home. And this year for the first time I have noticed the eyes out there in the dark. Not many, and clearly mammalian (this is Surrey, not Mirkwood) but still interesting enough to make me stop and try to work out what they are and what they are doing. As far as my guesses have gone, I am plumping for foxes at the moment, round eyes (well pupils I guess) large and quite close together, too much so for a cat; can’t see a badger being bothered enough to look at me.


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